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HAPPY NEW YEAR from Team Angela Guo Realtor

We hope 2018 was a success for you. 2019 is another year for you to make it go right, take advantage of the gifts you were given and make 2019 the best year in your life thus far. 

New years resolutions can last long if you choose to stay at it.

Many families throughout the lower mainland want to either downsize or upsize their current living space, however far an few will do it out of the ones who want to do it.

One of the key difference that separates the ones who take action vs the ones who won't take action is the feeling of being overwhelmed. The ones who don't stick to their plan of moving simply get overwhelmed due to the complexity of dealing with a real estate transaction and having professional marketing for the home. The complexity of the process of moving is what holds most family from actually achieving their desired outcome.

Save yourself a lot of time and the headache of not having your des…