Angela Guo Realtor helps home owners

Angela Guo Realtor helps homeowners

Guo Xin Bo, also known as Angela Guo has proudly been providing outstanding real estate services in Lower Mainland. Her valuable negations skills have helped both home sellers and buyers reach their desired real estate destination. Through her skills and experience, she is capable of providing an unmatched real estate service. She has a good track record of selling homes for more, in other words, Angela Guo will sell your home for the most amount of money possible in the current Vancouver real estate market. Many homeowners hesitate to put their homes on the market because they are not aware of how much their home is worth in today's market. If you are interested in knowing how much your home is valued at in today's market For FREE, come and claim your free home evaluation ticket right now at Client Testimonials underneath.
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Client Testimonials 

Andrew Tsai

"Within just weeks, only one-time open house and sold it over 400% of owner expectation. The satisfaction was 100% positive and wish to have opportunity work with her again in the future. Appreciated, thank you!"

Below are listings that Angela Guo sold a few months back. 

Angela Guo is a highly respected realtor in the Richmond British Columbia Community
Her honorable work in the real estate industry has given her a trustworthy name and has made her
a chosen trusted realtor in the community. Angela Guo strives her best every day to satisfy her client's needs and goals. For your free home evaluation in Richmond BC or anywhere in the greater Vancouver head over to our website:
where you can claim your FREE ticket today

Angela Guo Realtor Sold a home

                                   All these listings are Angela Guo's examples of homes sold within a timely                                           manner. Your time matters to us. Seeing the smile on clients face is what                                               creates the passion within us to serve you the right way. Team Angela Guo                                           lives for this work and is ready to set new industry standards when it comes to                                       selling real estate in the Greater Vancouver area.

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List your home with a realtor that cares for your personal needs and will do what it takes to meet them. 

One of the most important steps in hiring a realtor is to make sure the realtor is capable of handling the job at hand. Years of experience and strong negation abilities and knowing the legal aspects of it is what will save you money. 

Angela Guo Realtor Just Sold

Allow us today to help you with the task that can turn your life around for good.
Real Estate is not a light matter. It should be taken seriously. Saving you money on home purchases and home selling is what Angela Guo does best. 

Angela Guo Realtor Just Sold

Another imporant quality that Angela Guo realtor holds dearly to her heart is that when professional help is sought for a realtor it is imporant that the person who sought for professional help walks away form the interaction with the realtor knowing that all his real estate needs will be handled in the best way possible. 

Angela Guo Realtor Just Sold

                                                 The whole point of hiring a professional is to gain some kind of                                                         help on a subject one cannot deal with by him or her self. Once that help is given after it was sought, the ideal situation would make one walk away feeling like he has gotten some kind of relief  from that burden of worring about their objectives.

Angela Guo cares for your real estate needs. 

Allow us today to begin the proces of putting your home on the market and selling it.

Head over to to get claim your FREE Home Evaluation.

Angela Guo Realtor Just Sold

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